Mobile Game of the Year 2018

Awards Winner
And it's high ho cartoon viking, anywhere you go now baby! We've had that song stuck in our head ever since we picked up Oddmar, the beautifully animated, endlessly charming mobile platformer about a rather lazy viking imbued with magical powers. Admittedly, it all sounds a bit odd - heck, the clue's in the name - but underneath that wonderfully wacky paint job is a game with enough substance to match its effortless style. A tour de force that rarely hits the breaks, and a magnificent example of how unforgettable mobile gaming can be when everything slots into place, Oddmar wouldn't look out of place alongside platforming greats like Super Mario Bros. and Rayman. Praise doesn't come much higher than that. (Available on iOS)

The runners-up

Slight from an interaction and gaming standpoint, Florence nonetheless excels through hitting you squarely in the feels, as you follow the highs and lows of the titular protagonist’s first love. (Available on iOS and Android)

Predecessor Euclidean Lands married a Rubik’s Cube in space with turn-based strategy. This stunning sequel invites you to dismantle the landscape entirely, building bridges, and using outcrops to obliterate enemies (Available on iOS)

Gaming’s most chilled ’boarder returns, but this time traverses an endless desert. You know the drill: one-thumb stunt larks within eye-poppingly gorgeous environments. This time, there’s wall-riding, too. (Available on iOS and Android)

This platformer finds moggies saving the world from mechanical despots. You get smart two-thumb controls, varied levels, and moments of letting rip with massive yellow tanks, like a furry Metal Slug. (Available on iOS and Android)