Smart Home Gadget of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
Stick this smart-learning digital dial by your boiler and you’ll never be caught chilly. Algorithms assess time and temperature pairings, whilst geo-fencing and app-controls make it a truly toasty thermo.

The runners-up

Less annoying than a constant echo, Amazon’s always-available tabletop tubular assistant is just a tap and a talk away, able to order your favourites, list your wants and play your favourites.

Desktop design meets cable-free charging, this simple yet sophisticated shining solution is part of Ikea’s power-packing furniture range and delivers Qi juice with lamptacular convenience.

Say hello to your home with Netatmo’s cylindrical camera chum. Facial recognition can keep track of the kids, whilst IFTTT integration means triggering tech actions with just your mug.

Homekit-enabled and sleek as ever, Philips’ wireless lighting solution melds efficient LED tech with remote control smarts for seamless shining satisfaction – and now you can talk to it.

With kit to track your keys and sensors that see you’re home – along with an array of other ‘Things’ – this smart home solution connects to everything through a single hub ‘n’ app combo.

Smarter Coffee

Connected caffeine fiends need look no further: select a strength, then grind and brew on demand. There are even Welcome Home and Wake Up moves to infuse your life when you need it most.