The 35 best things to watch on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Our pick of the streaming service's highlights, updated for February 2016

35 best things to watch on Amazon Prime

We know, we know, there's too much choice these days. You can't just sit down and watch a movie because there are too many to choose from, so you just spend hours scrolling through potential films and then go to bed.

Not now, you don't - everything on this list is worth watching. And we know, because we've watched them all. The lengths we go to keep you guys happy, eh...

Of course to watch the films and TV shows here you'll need an Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription. Come on, you didn't think it was going to be free, did you? 

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Mr. Robot (S1)

An office drone by day, Elliott Alderson (played brilliantly by Rami Malek) is also a morphine-dependent keyboard vigilante who hacks the lives of everyone he meets. That is until he’s lured in by Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) to join the hacktivist group ‘F Society’, whose grand plan is to cancel world debt by attacking ubiquitous conglomerate E Corp (or Evil Corp, as Elliott calls it).

Cue a trip down a rabbit hole that twists through Lynchian dream sequences, episode-long musings about the hackability of human minds, and a mounting sense of paranoia that leaves you suspicious of everything down to Elliott’s malfunctioning radiator.

That Mr. Robot resists Hollywood’s ‘Computers for dummies’ approach to the Internet is just one of the reasons why it’s great. The others are that it’s stylishly shot, unpredictable and offers a new take on cyberpunk, while wearing its influences (The Matrix, Fight Club and American Psycho) as proudly as the badge on its title character’s shirt.

Watch Mr Robot on Amazon Prime Instant Video


The thing about movies based on real life is that you never really get that sense of drama – after all, you know exactly what’s going to happen in the end. But yet, but yet… that’s not the case with Argo at all.

The very much true story of a 1970s hostage crisis in Iran, it is almost excruciatingly tense at times, despite the fact that anyone who knows their history will know how it all pans out.

It’s also ridiculously outlandish in the way that only a true story can ever get away with. Briefly: a bunch of US embassy staff are holed up in Iran as the revolution rages around them. The US wants to get them out (in secret), and decide the best way to do that will be to pretend they’re making a sci-fi film in the state. Yep, crazy. But true.

Ben Affleck directs, stars and sports a very fetching beard and there’s great support from Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin and John Goodman. Oh, and it won an Oscar for best picture if that sort of thing means anything to you (it shouldn’t).

Watch Argo on Amazon Prime Instant Video


It may be hard to imagine or remember now, but once upon a time Formula 1 was nail-bitingly, knuckle-whiteningly exciting. That was partly down to the cars, partly down to the danger and partly down to the personalities, and perhaps no era combined those three elements more dramatically than the late 80s and early 90s, when the awesomely charismatic Ayrton Senna set the world alight with his daring, aggressive and record-smashing racing, much to the chagrin of Alain Prost, with whom a bitter, vicious rivalry was formed.

It was an incredible few years of fierce fighting both on and off the track, and Asif Kapadia's blockbusting documentary beautifully captures the glamour of racing at that time, Senna's raw appeal and effortless, natural talent, and the devastating consequences of getting it wrong in an F1 car. If we have one complaint, it's that making it cinema friendly meant keeping it to a tight running time that means some incredible footage is missed out. We'd happily have sat through a documentary that's twice this long.

Watch Senna on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The X-Files (Seasons 1-9)

The new series of The X-Files, which the producers sadly declined to call The Older Mulder Folders, lands this month on Channel 5, and if you don't rewatch all the originals, you won't be able to have a proper opinion to express on Twitter about it.

This will take a while - over 150 hours, in fact - but you'll meet some old friends: the stretchy, yellow-eyed cannibal Eugene Tooms, the frighteningly intense Luther Lee Boggs (played by guest star Brad Dourif), That Guy Who Wouldn't Be Allowed to Smoke In All Those Public Places These Days, and - most memorable of all - Scully's wardrobe of enormous coats.

Watch The X-Files on Amazon Prime Instant Video

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team at Britain's top-secret code-breaking centre, Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II.

Benedict Cumberbatch steals the show as the awkward genius in one of the most important, interesting, tough and painful films of recent years.

Watch The Imitation Game on Amazon Instant Video

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