The 11 most impressive iWatch concepts so far: which would you wear?

Imagination goes where Apple’s secrecy will not allow us

Apple's iWatch has been a long time coming - if it's coming at all, of course.

Assuming it is, no mere mortal knows what it'll look like, but many have imagined what it could be. These are 11 of the more creative renditions we’ve seen circulating on the web. Some are fanciful, some are convincing, but every one has a certain something about it that makes us want to have a go. 

Let us know which ticks your boxes at the bottom of the page.

Tomas Moyano

The newest concept of the litter seems to have taken its cues from the Misfit Shine, sporting a coin-sized watch face with a groove along its side allowing it to be attached to all manner of accessories. Designed to be charged both wirelessly and via solar power (a mite impossible, as it turns out), this version will also allow you to listen to music wirelessly with newly-designed Bluetooth AirPod in-ears. 

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Gábor Balogh

If you’re looking for something more traditional - and let's face it, most of us are - Gábor Balogh’s concept is the way to go. He replaces the face of the Havana timepiece from Swedish watchmaker Triwa with a display that’s - here’s the twist - not touch-enabled. Instead, users will twist the bezel and toggle the three side-mounted buttons to access apps. Based on our experience of the touchscreen-free Pebble Steel, and given how much we all like our 'dumb' watches, that sounds just fine.

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Todd Hamilton

Inspired by Thomas Bogner’s iWatch mockup, Todd Hamilton’s design tweaks the original to include a curved touchscreen display, which has enough space for four icons and a page controller on the right to swipe through pages of apps. While display space is fairly limited, it's not an issue, as he doesn't try to cram too much into its slim interface. Reminds us of the Samsung Gear Fit - and, given Tim Cook's fondness of Nike's physically similar armwear, that may not be far wide of the mark.

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