First impressions of Roboquad are good. Its four spider-like legs are jointed in such a way that they can spin round 360 degrees, an idea that came from the creator's days as a NASA scientist designing Mars probes. The advantage of the demonic legs is that they can be used as pincers or to propel it over uneven ground.

Calling Professor Pillinger…

But performance-wise, the 'quad is more Beagle than Mars probe. It can creep round the room and avoid furniture, but that didn't really impress the inhabitants of Stuff Towers. Roboquad also walks so slowly it's like its wading though treacle.

‘Guard mode’ enables it to detect intruders using movement and noise sensors, which is handy if you like in a shared house and want to scare someone, but that's about it features-wise.

Dance, robot, dance!

The only thing that saves it is the dance mode, in which it finally makes good use of the double-jointed legs for maximum comedy value. Sure, it's no Darcey Bussell - it's more Bez without the maracas - but at least it kept our attention.

Overall though, if you want a fun robo-pet, go for Homersapien or save up some more and get a Robosapien V2. Roboquad doesn't really push our buttons.

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Wowwee Roboquad review

The freakish looks are cool but Roboquad is frustrating to use: it doesn't react fast enough and the functions aren't that impressive

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