This Tosh is compact, lightweight (just 2.7kg, thanks to the sleek anthracite design) and packs some hefty processing power for the price. Integrated Wi-Fi makes for ultimate portability – it’s a very small office.

It’s definitely worth it - fast Intel processing, a 15in display and DVD drive all make the Satellite astonishingly good value for money. On top of that, it’s made with typical Toshiba thoroughness and should last well beyond the time it’s

deemed an antique.

In the realm of budget laptops, you couldn’t hope for a better buy than the L10. It doesn’t ask a lot but gives generously in return. Go on, have a go…

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Toshiba Satellite L10 review

Where budget laptops are concerned, you really can’t buy much better than this. Unassuming yet utterly effective, this is a must-try device