Toshiba’s debut MP3 player looks angelic: it even has a cross on its fascia. The 2.2in colour screen lets you view downloaded album covers as well as photos, and there’s a neat docking station as well as Gigabeat Room software to run the show. Battery life is an impressive 16 hours.

Up and running, however, the software navigation proves a bit tricky, and CD tracks can’t be saved on your PC using Gigabeat Room. The control system also disappoints: it’s not a scroll system – à la Apple – and you can’t speed through the menus: instead you must click your way around them in a rather laborious manner.  

The Gigabeat’s big redeeming factor, however, is its sound. It’s a touch bright, but dynamic and rhythmic, too. Switch to better ’phones to reduce spiky treble and it sounds even better. With a few tweaks it could be a real contender – but it’s not there yet.

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Toshiba Gigabeat MEG-F20 review

Exciting, musical delivery combines with fine looks, but the controls could be so much better.