While the Japanese giant often manages to get one over its big-brand, big-screen rivals by producing quality sets at bargain basement prices, this 20in flatscreen sees Tosh go head to head at a similar price point to its rivals.

But not to fear, because this bedroom TV still has what it takes to remain fiercely competitive. For a start, you get big-boy 1366x768 resolution, HDMI connectivity, all the expected video inputs as well as headphone and digital coaxial outputs.

With a TV of this size perhaps the main concern is the quality of picture through the digital tuner. Luckily, this is excellent. There’s practically no noise or softness to edges and only the fastest of sporting action (think Thierry Henry bombing past a hapless defender) will present even the slightest stumbling block.

Top spinnerAlthough you’ll probably use the set mainly to watch off-air broadcasts, the DVD performance is, if anything, even better.

It didn’t make watching Eddy Murphy vehicle Norbit any less painful than you’d imagine, but there was no complaining about its way with colours or the great levels of contrast on offer.

The Tosh also handles dark shades with ease and detail is excellent, especially with those natural skin tones. The only issue with the screen is the noticeable unevenness in the screen lighting and, to be fair, this is only noticeable when staring at a black screen.

In fact, the most obvious day-to-day annoyance is a sleepy-headed remote control that simply refuses to be rushed.

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