Esat Dedezade


Esat has been a gadget fan ever since his tiny four-year-old brain was captivated by a sound-activated dancing sunflower. From there it was a natural progression to a Sega Mega Drive, a brief obsession with hedgehogs, and a love for all things tech.

A self-confessed Android nerd and reddit addict, he's also a fan of innovative startups, gadgets and games, that show true creativity.

After 7 years as a writer for stuff, Esat ventured out into the corporate world, spending three years as Editor of Microsoft's European News Centre. Now a freelance writer, his appetite for shiny gadgets has no bounds.

Oh, and like all good human beings, he's very fond of cats.

Articles by Esat Dedezade

19 March 2017 / 9:00GMT

How to master...YouTube

It's time to harness the hidden powers of the most distracting website in the world...