Esat Dedezade


According to his business card, Es is Stuff's deputy features editor. But that's only because he hasn't got round to changing it yet - Esat actually left Stuff at Christmas (sob!) and is now working for Microsoft. But he's still going to help us out from time to time.

He's been a gadget fan ever since his tiny four-year-old brain was captivated by a sound-activated dancing sunflower. From there it was a natural progression to a Sega Mega Drive, a brief obsession with hedgehogs, and a love for all things tech.

A self-confessed Android nerd that's not afraid of tinkering (breaking) and fixing smartphones, he's also a fan of innovative startups and gadgets that show true creativity.

You're likely to spot him next to the canapés at tech events, where he's off fondling and reviewing the latest tech, and he spends most of his time on reddit when he's actually in Stuff HQ, which, he assures us, is vital to his work.

Oh, and like all good human beings, he's very fond of cats.

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