Screens get bigger, the picture gets better and the HDMI sockets keep multiplying yet the cost of a flatscreen TV just keeps tumbling. But no matter how low the big manufacturers go, there’s Samsung, like a champion limbo dancer, bending backwards to scrape that little bit lower.

There’s no arguing with that kind of commitment to consumer joy. And with the PS50Q97HDX the Korean manufacturer is offering the kind of bargain that’ll have you slapping down the plastic and hoofing it from the store before anyone realises their ‘mistake’.

No corners cut

For a list price of just £1500 you get a lithe, understatedly stylish 50in TV, generous HDMI connectivity and the promise of top quality hi-def visuals. And a motorised stand? Witchcraft!

But don’t worry, the design boffs at Samsung haven’t saved money by filling its skinny chassis with sawdust.

Although it’s not a 1080p screen (you ask too much!) the Samsung’s 1366 x 768 resolution is plenty good enough for some 720p eye candy. Upscaled DVDs look great with a strong colour palette, good detail and well-handled motion.

Things get even better when it comes to HD content, with bright, natural hues that are sharp and detailed. Blacks are simply awesome, with the Samsung’s claimed 15,000:1 contrast ration ensuring loads of information in really dark scenes.

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Stuff says... 

Samsung PS50Q97HDX review

Apart from the lack of 1080p, the only real gripe is that the PS50Q97HDX is so good it’ll make some of your poorer quality DVDs look even worse. Buy one