Roku was one of the first makers to realise that network music players should not only work but also look the part, and the neat-looking M1000 continues the company’s fine traditions.

This unit, like the Philips and Slim Devices, hooks into your stereo amp and (refreshingly) doesn’t cart along a barrow load of proprietary software – yes, the sluttish little Roku will jump into bed with practically any old software, be it iTunes or PlaysForSure, and gaily wears the colours of AAC, AIFF, MP3 and WAV.

Naturally, given Apple’s, shall we say, protectiveness, it can’t deliver AAC files purchased from iTunes. Also, out of the box, it can’t handle Apple Lossless or FLAC but download SlimServer (cheers, Slim Devices!) and it quickly undresses these higher-quality files.

Given the Roku’s impressive sound quality – yes, all network music players sound different – it’s well worth ripping some high-quality tunes. The Roku is also so laughably simple to set up and operate, you’ll have plenty of time to lay back, zone in and zone out. A highly accomplished bit of kit: top marks.

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