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Wilson Benesch The Full Circle review

If you’re going to fork out two grand, you’ll be expecting a decent turntable. Will The Full Circle do you proud?

We at Stuff like sponge cake. We also like turntables. If only there was some way to combine the two… But wait – what’s this? Wilson Benesch’s Full Circle is layered a bit like a sponge cake: the bottom slice carries the motor and power supply, leaving the next section to support the bearing and arm. Splendid.

Set-up is straightforward, though as with many rivals, changing the speed means you have to manually move the drive belt from one motor pulley to the next. An electronic option would be handy, particularly for those who switch between singles and albums on a regular basis.

The devil’s in the detail

Wilson Benesch’s Ply cartridge completes the Full Circle package. This moving coil cartridge doesn’t have a body to cover its internals, so it looks worryingly delicate. Once it’s in place and in use, however, it’s little different from the fully covered opposition.

Properly sited on a dedicated hi-fi table, the Full Circle shows its class: this is an open, even-handed record player that works well with all types of music. It digs up plenty of detail and arranges information into a cohesive and musical whole.

Out with the bombast

Here’s the thing about the Full Circle: its presentation isn’t flashy in any way: it won’t immediately grab your attention with seismic bass lines or brain-pounding punch. So much so, that it’s easy to listen to it for a good while before realising just how good it actually is. What it does provide – and it does so with exceptional quality – is a clear and insightful view into every recording you own. Open and transparent, it lets the music do the work.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5