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Toshiba SD-360E review

If you want a classy DVD player but don't want to spend thousands of pounds on one, here's your solution

Did you spend near £1000 on a DVD player a few years ago? Oops. This £80 – yes eighty pounds – Toshiba, will probably make you look silly.

It has a plethora of connections at the back, including HDMI, component and RGB Scart, and at the price, nothing can compare with that. Toshiba has also managed to get a decent video scalar into the fashionably slim – not Heroin chic slim, but still – chassis all for that ridiculous price.

The most impressive part of the SD-360 is the picture performance. Send a 720P image into any 32in LCD worth its salt sit back, relax and prepare to be stricken with yokel’s jaw syndrome. Colours are vivid and rarely bleed into one another.

Detail levels, too, are stunning but fast motion scenes could be smoother: we are just getting finicky now, though. Unless you’ve got loads of money to burn or a really high-end display, this is all the DVD player most people will ever need.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5