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Sony Playstation 2 review

Yes, it's in the twilight of its years, but PS2 isn't quite ready to be put out to pasture yet - two of the best games of the past year are PS2 exclusives, something you can't say of the PS3...

It’s a measure of just how well PS2 has done since its launch in 2000 that it still gets plenty of shelf space now, seven years later. And even if you’re a next-gen snob whose eyes itch if they look at any graphics less than 1080p, this old warhorse still has plenty to offer.

It’s also, of course, dirt cheap – never mind the list price of £95, you can pick them up off eBay or Amazon Marketplace for £50, often with some games.

Games, games, games

And what games. It’s one of those cruel things about consoles is that the very best games always arrive just as everybody has either slung the console to the back of the store cupboard, or is selling it on Amazon Marketplace for £50.

Final Fantasy XII and God of War 2, which both arrived after the launch of 360 and Wii, are as good as anything on any of the next-gen consoles. In fact, as exclusives go, they trump anything bar Gears of War.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5

No sane gamer is going to head out and buy this as their new console, but we’d advise 360 and Wii owners not to forget about Dre – there’s some truly superb games still coming out for PS2

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