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Ministry of Sound MP055 review

Get your white gloves on, pull the glowsticks out of the fridge and get listening to the bangin’ choons on this Ministry MP3 player. Innit.

White finish, thumbwheel control and docking station? No, it’s not an iPod, but this player knows who its competitors are.

Essential features include 5GB capacity, and a rechargeable battery that takes in enough juice for over 10 hours’ use after just 90 minutes in the dock (or four hours connected on a USB 2.0 connection). It comes preloaded with 10 MoS tracks: great if you’re a dance music fiend and you still think the MoS label has some cachet. If not, you’ll just have to load it with your preferred music – and fast.

The best news is that the MP055 justifies its existence with a great performance. As you might expect given the brand, it does a fine job of slinging tunes with punchy driving bass, but the sound is also detailed enough to play more intricate music.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5