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Logitech Transporter review

Want to join the music streaming party but don’t want to compromise on sound? The Transporter is for serious hi-fi heads with fat wallets

Here’s your dilemma: you already have a top-drawer wireless router, a computer that could take over the world and more music tracks than the population of China could count on both hands. Now you want a music streamer to match – and Slim Devices can provide it in the form of the Transporter.

The Transporter isn’t just a wireless digital music streamer, it’s a high-class audio chef serving you pretty much any high-quality digital music file on a plate. For the gourmet listener, it can go right up to a tasty 24 bit/96kHz resolution with good authority and punch to those lossless tunes. And WAV, AIFF and FLAC files all go down a treat, with MP3 and WMA for afters.  

Storage solved

Of course, all this is going to fill your storage space up pretty quickly.  If you’re worried that ripping your tunes at these gigabyte-hungry rates is going to eat up your PC’s memory, Slim Devices offers a Network Attached Storage device, with capacity of a terabyte or more. Which means more room on your PC for gaming…we mean, work.

The Transporter’s next ‘hi-fi’ trick is its armoury of high-end internals, including a Super Regulator DAC.  This is also the first digital music streamer we’ve seen fitted with balanced outputs.

Up and running, the machine takes standard music streaming machine fare, and cranks it well up. The big difference here is the quality of pace and timing, and tunes bound along with energy and verve more commonly found in the analogue, not digital world. 

Wi-Fi niggles

On the down side, spending £1300 on something that doesn’t play CDs is a bit of a melon twister. Plus, we found Ethernet more reliable than Wi-Fi, which occasionally dropped out. 

But digital files can sound great, while streamed internet radio also impresses. Add solid build and a smart remote, and Slim Devices deserves our praise.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5

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