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JVC EX-D5 review

The JVC EX-D5 is made with alcohol-soaked birchwood and comes with two 80mm drivers but doesn’t have a subwoofer

Plain Jane

One of the most conventional-looking systems knocking about at the moment, the JVC EX-D5 uses perhaps the most esoteric materials too: the full-range speaker cones are made from alcohol-soaked birchwood, helping lift the looks above the mundane.

It’ll take you a matter of minutes to set-up and get your first sounds from the JVC. Once you get going sound is upfront and detailed but lacking bass weight – that’s because the system doesn’t come with a subwoofer. Add one and things will improve.

The little guy packs a punch

The 3D-Phonic processing allows a broad and open sound but you’ll never believe you’re in the cinema. Then again, picture quality is good at the price.

The JVC brings proper DVD picture quality and passably open sound to a system that’s no bigger than a bog-standard CD/radio midi set-up. It’s simple to use, looks good and the wireless PC link with USB transmitter makes it one of the most flexible systems around.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5