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Jamo i300 review

iPods don’t generally get dedicated 2.1 dock systems. Has Jamo bucked the trend or jumped the shark?

A 2.1 system just for iPods? Cripes – this is different territory. Jamo has cast out the idea that MP3 speaker set-ups should be tinny, one-piece affairs and gone for a full-blown monstor.

It would be wrong to let the Jamo’s convoluted design approach – a subwoofer, two satellites, a dock, plus all the necessary leads adds up to a big box of stuff – trouble you. Up and running, with the satellites sitting at least 1m apart, the Jamo delivers an impressively wide soundstage. It also sounds extremely detailed, meaning it’s possible to pick out lots of information from your music.

Big bottom

At louder levels, the Jamo subwoofer lacks tautness, so the best system balance is actually with the subwoofer volume turned down low. This, in turn, has a negative effect on integration, meaning music can sound a little detached.

That said, there’s nothing critically wrong here – far from it. The unit’s fit and finish are superb, and if the price could be cut and the sub tightened up, the Jamo would be a winner.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5