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InFocus IN72 review

This InFocus might not be HD-ready, but its glossy curves, stonking picture performance and sub-£650 price tag are a tempting mix

When it comes to watching movies and indulging in a spot of gaming, it’s definitely a case of the bigger the better. But if you don’t happen to own the local multiplex and haven’t got money to burn on a top-notch projector, at under £650 this little box of tricks from InFocus should do the job nicely.

Hi-def not missed

The InFocus IN72 uses the same chassis as its more expensive sibling, the IN76, so is just as quiet and easy to live with. Perfect for occasional use, a short-throw lens and integrated tabletop plinth make it the ideal living-room companion – just plonk it down on your coffee table and you’re away.

Of course, some corners have had to be cut to reach such a desirable price point, and hi-def is the first to bite the bullet. At 854×480, the resolution isn’t exactly up there with the big boys, but stick to sensible screen sizes (around 2.5m) and Freeview digital TV signals and you’ll be fine.

Attention to detail

Scrabbling round for something to criticise, all we could come up with is that the image is occasionally marred by rainbow artefacting – that’s about it. In performance terms the IN72 produces a deeply impressive picture with rich colours, fine edge definition and excellent depth.

Sit back in front of a movie and the InFocus displays a commendable grasp of fine details with superb colour delineation and, perhaps most impressive of all, a very assured response to quick motion. The overall effect is an engrossing, involving and thoroughly likeable picture performance, despite that lack of an HD-ready badge.

It may not boast a cutting-edge spec, but the IN72 does its job remarkably well – and does it at a fraction of the cost of many. Last year prices kicked off at £900 for this model, and we were impressed then. Now, at £650, we’re positively banging InFocus’ door down.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5