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HP Photosmart D7160 review

A very easy to use printer complete with straight-from-your-iPod compatibility, but does its output make the grade?

How’s this for a USP: the Photosmart D7160 can actually print from your iPod. Just hook your player up via USB and it’ll output any JPEGs on there. You can do the same with any other USB storage device, or indeed any memory card. It’ll even print off stills from digicam video. 

In fact, this printer makes it extremely easy to get your images on paper without getting a PC involved at all. The import wizard holds your hand through adjusting the colour settings, zooming in, and choosing orientation and output.  

This wizard’s no Dumbledore

This won’t be to everybody’s taste, as more experienced users will have trouble finding the appropriate options buried in the wizard system, but it’s ideal for beginners and generally very easy to use. If you do hook up the PC, there’s some similarly helpful software on hand too. 

The resulting photo prints aren’t the best around, but if all you want is quick and simple then they fit the bill; the only gripe is that it takes a while for it to spit them out. Text goes through much more quickly and looks good too, making this a decent general-purpose printer for not a lot of cash. 

Specialised text printing

It shouldn’t be hard to keep running costs down, either. Six individual ink tanks, including a black one that’s available in a high-yield version for getting through lots of text documents, mean that it’s easier to avoid developing an expensive ink habit.


Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5