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F(x)tec Pro1 smartphone hands-on review

No[kia]stalgia strikes at IFA 2019

If you miss QWERTY keyboard phones and can’t get behind the latest BlackBerrys, a London-based startup may have just launched your next smartphone, the F(x)tec Pro1. 

Announced with pricing and release information at IFA 2019, it runs Android and packs a faintly familiar design, provided you’re over 25. It’s certainly attention-grabbing, but do we really need a physical keyboard in 2019?


Design and screen: Let’s get physical QWERTY

Design and screen: Let

The F(x)tec Pro1 feels like a chunky slab when you first get it in your hands. It’s even thicker than the ROG Phone 2 at 1.4cm, and without any obvious hinges your first instinct isn’t to slide it open, but instead to use it as you would a traditional (albeit thick) candy bar phone.