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Edox Koenigsegg review

Koenigsegg, maker of insane 245mph supercars, has fashioned a new limited edition watch. Unsurprisingly, it too is utterly bonkers

We blame TAG Heuer and its motor-obsessed ‘ambassador’ – read advertising stooge – Steve McQueen for this whole cars-and-watches thing. But with Bentley now going great guns with Breitling, and Aston Martin making a watch that actually opens the new DBS’s doors, it’s nice to see some younger, cooler car companies doing watches – and they don’t get much cooler than bonkers Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg.

Alligator fashion

The Edox Koenigsegg Limited Edition, actually the company’s third limited-edition watch, is predictably nuts, with even the strap coming in difficult-to-pull-off orange alligator. Also, predictably, it’s not cheap. At £13,500 a throw, it’s still the cheapest way to own a Koenigsegg – one of its 245mph CCX cars will set you back £350,000 – but even in luxury watch terms, that’s pretty steep.

Maker Christian von Koenigsegg said his motors were pitched at those who found Lamborghinis and Ferraris ‘too common’, and this huge 46mm watch is clearly designed to be just as much a talking point as one of his lethal-looking road machines.

Two-door watch

The sides of the watch flip up, much in the manner of the doors of a full-size Koenigsegg, to reveal a tachymeter-style dial on the outside, which helps you calculate speeds or rates of production using the three-dial chrono in the watch.

Water resistant to 50m, and with a carbon-fibre dial and titanium steel housing, it’s built around an Edox 45 chronograph movement and, it has to be said, is pretty light on functions beyond basic chrono functionality.

Pure, insane opulence is clearly the point here, and if the watch itself isn’t quite opulent enough for you, you can also order one of the ten diamond-encrusted models Edox is making, priced at £35,000 and sporting 426 sparklers. Only 30 of the Koenigsegg Edox will be made in total, so if alligator skin and wing-flaps are your thing, get that chequebook out fast.


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Score: 4/5