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Doro WT89 review

Our childhood dreams have finally come true - this is a proper pro-grade 466MHz walkie talkie crammed into a watch

We’re pretty sure that if we’d known as children that one day we’d own a set of walkie talkie watches, we’d have been much happier, more well-adjusted youngsters. And thankfully, these Doros – as used by the Norwegian Winter Olympic team, no less – are the business.

Huge range

Charged off the mains, with 40 hours standby, and offering two hours talk per six hour charge, they’re incredibly easy to set up – you’ll be talking in one push-to-talk button press. And that’s it, pretty much as far as set up goes. Sound quality is fantastic, and range really is huge, even in built-up areas.

Coming with a handsfree headset, eight channels, and 38 security sub codes, they’ll even work pretty well if you happen to be in an area where lots of others are using walkie talkies – you just hop up and down channels until you find an empty one. Easy.

Not just novelty

Unlike, say, TV watches and game watches, these actually live up to your childhood dreams of what a walkie talkie watch should be like. Refreshingly trouble-free to use, they sound great, and if you are an outdoorsman or security dude, these are actually a pretty practical option.

For us, we’ll continue flipping the little aerials up and down and pretending to be SAS operatives on a secret, deadly mission, if that’s okay with everyone else…


Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5