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Audio Pro Addon T10 review

Bluetooth speakers aren't all born equal - just ask this beautiful, bassy box from Scandinavia

“Sound of Scandinavia” is not the most evocative slogan, but far from being the Ikea of hi-fi, Audio Pro is actually a purveyor of slightly wacky but properly respected wireless speakers.

The Addon T10 immediately pleases with its trendy boxiness and fuss-free styling, not to mention the special edition orange finish.

As well as Bluetooth there are analogue sockets around the back, plus USB for charging your portable player of choice.

How’s it sound?

This is the sort of delivery that’s just begging to be cranked up. Lots of depth and weight gives V)5-like volume to the whole sound, and the punchy, attacking nature will immediately release your inner Andrew WK.

Strictly speaking there’s actually a touch too much bass, but because it doesn’t prevent the vocals emerging cleanly from the open, chunky soundstage, we’re not going to over ly complain about that. We’re going to play Party Hard instead.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5

Sound: 4/5

Design: 5/5

Smarts: 4/5

A trendy box of bassy beats that will make you smile from ear to ear

Good Stuff

Simple, fabulously boxy design

Big, bassy sound

Selection of great finishes

Bad Stuff

Perhaps a bit too much bass for purists