When you venture through the pearly gates and invited for your induction to heaven, in God’s front room, we’re sure you’ll see a couple of PDP-5000EXs from Pioneer.

OK, so six-grand might be a biblical price to pay for a TV but you certainly get celestial performance from Pioneer’s immaculate conception. It offers true HD capability at a time where most LCDs can only give 1366x768 or less. But screen resolution isn’t the only factor with this set. Unlike other screens that are HD ready, the Pioneer doesn’t solely rely on HD material. Instead it relays TV signals and other standard-def sources with an even hand. It’s really difficult to explain how good this display looks with 1080P images – perhaps holy is more fitting.

As for the more demonic side, well, you need to know that it’s a display, not a telly – you need to add speakers for sound and a TV tuner for, um, TV. It’s also a pretty heavy, big unit – yes, even for a 50in monitor. Otherwise, the only un-saintly factor is that price. But, like our fathers said when we were young(er), it might be the best but by God do you pay for it. 


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Pioneer PDP-5000EX review

If God IS watching, he'll be set up in front of this bad boy