Olympus Four Thirds imaging system – a standard it created with Kodak that lets you mix and match lenses and bodies from different manufacturers – is, in theory, a very nice idea. Unfortunately, the only models to have supported it were the brick-like E-300 and E-330.


The interactive interface on the E-410 is quick in use and it’s one of this camera’s high points. The other is that by pressing the button to the right you can compose shots ‘live’ on the LCD.

It’s also got SuperSonic Wave Filter, which is Olympus’s dust removal system, giving the sensor a high-frequency shake for half a second or so when you start the camera up.

But this is the smallest camera of the lot, and it doesn’t have a grip, either, so it can be a slippery little beast for those with big hands.


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Olympus E-410 review

Olympus’ Four Thirds imaging system comes of age in a classy compact SLR that makes the rest look ordinary