Integrated Wi-Fi and up to 10 hours battery life put the Nintendo DS ahead of the pack but you’d expect that from a dedicated handheld gamer, wouldn’t you?

A host of upcoming titles to bolster its games catalogue is the one bright spot on a PSP-laden horizon.

The not so good side is that, designed as a gamer first and foremost, it’s flawed when compared to the more accomplished PSP. Nintendo’s considerable clout will ensure it soldiers on irrespective of good or bad sales but, until a larger games catalogue makes adequate use of its dual-screen, it’ll always be playing second fiddle to Sony’s PSP.

To make decent use of the touch screen for map/minigame duties, we’d recommend Super Mario 64 DS - undoubtedly the top title for DS - as an accomplished port of the exasperatingly addictive N64 classic.

Sadly though, it’s not the worthy substitute for the PSP it should have been. Watch this space.

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Nintendo DS review

Up against it when compared to the PSP and not the worthy substitute it should have been. Once more people crack the dual screen, though, it might be worth a second look