Zune mobile platform to take on Android?

With rumours of a Zune phone reaching a crescendo in the weeks running up to the annual gadget hoedown that is CES, more info on the supposed iPhone&n

This time though, it comes from respected tipster Paul Thurrott, who says that the "Pink" project everyone's getting het up about isn't a new phone, but in fact a whole new Windows Mobile OS.

Dubbed Zune Mobile, it will apparently find its way into a string of new devices in 2009, offering a more media savvy approach than the extreme business stylings of the current Windows Mobile platform.

Early screenshots of the new Windows Mobile platform also bear more than a passing resemblance to the Zune's interface. Either way, it's not only a bold new approach, but also a whole new front in Microsoft's lengthy war with Google. Could this be their answer to the growing might of Android?

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