Would you dare ride this insanely fast 28mph electric skateboard?

We wouldn't. Not because we're scared mind. It's just a little too slow for our blood...

If standing on top of a board travelling at 28mph is your idea of fun then this electric skateboard should be right up your street.

The Gnarboard has 850W of power driving each wheel, resulting in a whopping 3.4kW of pushing power, which explains its ability to go from 0-28mph in an undergarment-soiling 1.9 seconds.

With enough battery to last for around 15 miles, each Gnarboard Trail Rider's charge should last long enough for a decent dose of high speed off-road shenanigans, although its hefty US$6,100 price tag may put a downer on light wallets.

Still, there's always the slightly cheaper Road Warrior (US$5,500) and Commuter (US$4,800) models, both of which pack a little less grunt but can still reach the same top speed over a longer range.

Hit up the Gnarlboard store to peruse your future slab of road tech now, in preparation for the next step in board evolution, the hoverboard.

[via Dvice]

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