Wake up to the Tetris theme with this nostalgia-infused alarm clock

Leave your dreams peacefully by waking up to the classic sounds of the Tetris theme. Ideal for gamers and fans of traditional Russian folk songs alike

Tired of having your sweet slumber violently dashed into a billion pieces by a devastating klaxon-like alarm? Yeah, us too.

Thankfully, in a world filled with gem-encrusted jelly robots and £25,000 Aston Martin bicycles, a Tetris-inspired clock isn't much of a big ask, which is why you can pre-order one from Firebox now for £25.

Featuring classic Tetrimino-shaped buttons, digital falling bricks and yes, the Tetris theme as an alarm tone, we can think of no better way to enter the world each and every morning. Apart from to the loving licks of an adorable kitten or two that is.

If you're allergic to cats however then head on over to Firebox now, where you can pre-order a small slice of gaming history goodness and wake up in style.

[Firebox via Gizmodo]

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