Turn your iOS device into a live guitar effects rig with iRig Stomp

Just don't stomp on your iPhone by mistake

There's no shortage of guitar effects apps for iOS devices – GarageBand, AmpliTube and others – but they've largely been confined to practice sessions. After all, interacting with the touchscreen in the middle of a song is a bit tricky.

Now iRig's come out with iRig Stomp, the first stompbox interface for iOS devices – letting tech-savvy axemen integrate their signal processing apps into their live pedalboard setup.

Okay, iRig's being a bit disingenuous with its claim to be first to the party – the Digitech iPB-10 pedalboard came out last year – but you'll need to run Digitech's own iPB-Nexus App to use that.

The iRig Stomp is compatible with any apps that use the mini-jack, and is optimised for AmpliTube. You get a bypass switch and a battery-powered output circuit, plus an input gain knob for signal adjustment.

The iRig Stomp could be a game-changer for guitarists, taking the iPhone out of the practice room and onto the stage (though we'd be a bit wary about letting roadies chuck our iPhone around. If we had roadies).

iRig's also launched the iRig Pre, a universal microphone preamp for iOS devices that lets you plug stage and studio mics with XLR connectors into your iPhone or iPad. An onboard 9V battery provides voltage for phantom-powered condenser mics, plus you get a thumbwheel gain control and a headphone output.

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