Sony Ericsson reveals the txt pro and Mix Walkman

Will these musical and social-centric phones announced via Facebook be enough to entice you?


Sony Ericsson has shown today that Facebook can be useful for things other than Farmville and the stalking of long-forgotten classmates. Using the social network site as an announcement platform, the company revealed to fans the existence of two new devices, the txt pro and the Mix Walkman. The txt pro offers up a 3in touchscreen, 3.2MP camera and a slide out QWERTY keyboard, making it the perfect weapon of choice for those snappy tweets and hilarious (to you) status updates.

The similarly specced, QWERTY-less Mix Walkman is (unsurprisingly) a phone centred around your tunes and provides a unique take on listening to music, thanks to its Zappin key. One press is all it takes to preview the chorus of the next track and a karaoke function can lower the pesky vocals, allowing you to show Gaga how it’s really done. No word on release or pricing as of yet but we can’t imagine that either will set you back a great amount in this world of dual core pocket powerhouses.