Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman on sale now for £80

Dizzy from all the Apples, Droids and mobile contracts fighting it out? Here’s a hassle free music phone with big dollop of Walkman heritage

If the thought of a monthly contract coupled with a smartphone that’s smarter than you puts you off then you may want to consider Sony Ericsson’s latest foray in to the music phone arena – the Mix Walkman.

Available today for just £80 from Vodafone, this pay-as-you-go 3.2MP camera-packing blower features a 3in touchscreen and a proprietary OS based on the one found on the Xperia Mini Pro.

On the music front, the device packs in a few nifty features including a dedicated Walkman app button and a Zap button which lets you preview the chorus of the next song. A karaoke function also automatically lowers the vocals so that you can easily sabotage classic ballads with your own deluded renditions.


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