Sony breaks out trio of iPhone docks

Looking for a speaker doc this summer? Sony certainly hopes so

Sony has unveiled a three-pronged attack on the iPhone/iPod speaker dock market just in time for lazy summer BBQs and lazy weekend picnics. First up to bat is the RDP-X60iP whose room-filling 20W + 20W power output is complimented by Bluetooth audio playback – a first for Sony.

The RDP-M15iP is a more portable affair, punching out tunes at a smaller 10W + 10W level, but on the plus side it has a rechargeable battery which offers six hours of on-the-go listening and a swivelling bracket to cradle your iDevice in either orientation.

Last up we have the RDP-M5iP which can pump out your jams for a solid 10 hours on just four AAA batteries – perfect for sharing your superior musical taste with the rest of your commuters. All three models share more than just their uninspiring product names, in the form of a nifty remote. The X60iP and M15iP are due to land from June, whilst the M15iP will join them a month later, with price details yet to be announced.


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