Scamander amphibious vehicle handles land and water with ease

Forget that boxy 4x4. This 300hp beast can tackle the bumpiest of rides, with plenty of speed, power and watery-shenanigans to boot

The Scamander might not be the world's fastest amphibious vehicle (that honour is currently held by the Sea Lion) but it's a safe bet that it's the fastest amphibious vehicle that can handle almost any terrain thrown at it.

With a top speed of 120mph and 300bhp thanks to a V6 engine, the Scamander can hit 60mph in around eight seconds.

The brainchild of TVR owner Peter Wheeler, who sadly passed away before it saw the light of day, the Scamander was completed by his wife and a bunch of dedicated engineers to ensure that his project came to fruition.

Check out the Evo's video of the water-loving vehicle below (as reported by Gizmodo) and join us in joining the waiting list (if there ever is one).

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