Samsung replaces its head of mobile design

The head designer of the Galaxy series has moved on. Could the S5 be joining HTC and Sony in the big metal smartphone arena?
Samsung replaces head of mobile design

The name Chang Dong-hoon might not ring any bells, but we can pretty much guarantee you've seen his work in the hands of hundreds of people, every single day.

He is (or rather, was) the head of Samsung's mobile design team, and he stepped down last week, shifting his role to head Samsung's broader design strategy team.

There's no mention of any reasons given for the change, but the Galaxy S5's design has received a lukewarm reception since its launch, which might have contributed to the decision.

While there's nothing wrong with the Galaxy S5's design, some have criticised Samsung for not changing the device's overall look since the Galaxy S3.

The plastic dimpled back has also been on the receiving end of a few jokes too, with the Wall Street Journal comparing the rear of the Gold S5 to a band-aid. 

Many users (us included) prefer the more premium feel of devices like the exquisitely crafted HTC One (M8) and Sony Xperia Z2, and feel that Samsung's equally expensive flagship should offer the same quality of finish.

Chang will be replaced by current vice president of mobile design Lee Min-hyouk, who has had a role in designing the Galaxy series since the beginning.

It will be interesting to see if this internal shuffle will produce any major design changes in the next iteration of Galaxy devices, but with the competition raising the bar higher and higher, Samsung can't afford to rest on its laurels.

Could the Galaxy S6 be the first metal device in the series? We'll just have to wait and see...

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