Project CARS 2 already announced, seeking £7 million in crowdfunding

Just weeks after the original released, Slightly Mad Studios is at it again

The original Project CARS was an crowdfunding success, generating some €3.75 million (about £2.66 million) from sim-racing fans en route to selling more than a million copies at retail. And it's only been out for a month now! But the developer isn't taking much of a breather.

Slightly Mad Studios announced yesterday that it's pushing hard into development for Project CARS 2, which has its own crowdfunding campaign that aims to eventually bring in a total of £7 million to fund the multiplatform sequel.

Project CARS 2 will maintain the accessible simulation core of the original game but expand the amount of content - both on the road and off. New "loose surface racing" on dirt, mud, snow, and gravel will join the traditional tracks, and the game promises more than 200 courses along with 200+ cars. It will also have a co-op career mode available.

As with the original, Slightly Mad's own World of Mass Development crowdfunding platform is being used to raise funds, with backers becoming members who can have a say in certain development decisions based on how much they spend. Members at all backing levels (starting at £50) also get access to updated PC builds (often daily) during the creation process.

Given the fact that the first game (seen above) launched about six weeks ago, some fans are a bit frustrated that Project CARS is already being replaced as the studio's primary focus. However, Slightly Mad says it still has plenty of downloadable content that'll be made available throughout the rest of this year. Otherwise, it's onward and upward for the series.

No release target has been set for Project CARS 2, but it's slated to hit Windows PC, Steam OS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As of this writing, the funding total sits at £329,500, although the first £250,000 of that came from the studio itself. Most of the funds thus far have come from the £100 Gold tier, which comes with the Premium edition of the final game plus one game design vote.

[Source: Project CARS]