Panasonic's HD handheld camcorders revive their Sanyo roots

Pistol grip trio show their Xacti pedigree as Panasonic delivers its new line of camcorders

It may have passed you by, but Panasonic bought Sanyo in 2009. Now it is releasing three new HD handheld camcorders that are almost identical to the Sanyo Xacti range. The first is the 16MP HX-WA10 – the only waterproof model, it comes with no internal storage but is SDXC friendly, and will cost you £330. The HX-DC15 is the same apart from not being waterproof and featuring 16GB of internal storage, and at 162g is 70g lighter, hence the £370 price tag. Finally, the HX-DC11 has a perfectly capable 14.4MP sensor and no internal memory but it’s the cheapest of the lot at £260. Now the range needs a new name... Xacti-The-Same?


Icon – Leica V-Lux 30

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