Nintendo Wii U could be getting ebooks

Why play Zelda when you can read a novel and enrich your inner book worm?

Nintendo is planning to unleash an ebook download service for its upcoming Nintendo Wii console, according to ForgetTheBox.

The site's source – a software developer employee – was reportedly approached by Nintendo who enquired about an ebook service for the Wii U.

Magazines, books, newspapers and comics are all apparently on the agenda and will be displayed on the Wii U controller's 6.2in touch screen.

The same source also believes that 3DS owners will be able to get in on the ebook action too. Even juicier however is Ninty's plan to offer its back catalogue of strategy guides for virtual console games – as well as guides for current and future releases.

The icing on Nintendo's ebook cake will be the ability to download and read every single issue of Nintendo Power from 1988 to the present day.

With Sony and Microsoft's Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 consoles rumoured to be debuting at E3, Nintendo will be looking to steal a march on the competition – watch this space.

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