News Nugget – Tascam Portastudio for iPad gets the band back together

Tascam reinvents its portable four-track wonder for iPad

If you had a band in the ‘90s and you were really lucky, you had a Tascam Portastudio. It recorded four tracks to a standard cassette tape and had enough primal EQ and mixing nous to put the guitar player’s volume back to a reasonable level, bounce tracks and pan in some sonic depth on your master. Quality was – by today’s standards – pretty poor, but many a demo tape slid out of one of a Portastudio and into an envelope marked for the attention of EMI’s A&R department.

Now Tascam’s bringing back the original Portastudio, 1984’s Porta One, retuned as an iPad app. You can only record a track at a time and there’s no bussing for effects, but you’ll get your final mix back as a WAV file, which is more likely to get passed around the industry than a tape these days. No guarantee you’ll get your name in lights, but you can be assured of reliving your studio session dreams if you splurge the £5.99 asking price on iTunes.

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