New video! Stuff survives zombie apocalypse in abandoned shopping mall

The zombie apocalypse is happening… in a shopping mall in Reading. Be afraid, be VERY afraid

If zombie-themed, bloodsoaked survival horror isn't your idea of fun then we'd recommend staying away from this dilapidated shopping centre in Reading. But if you've ever wondered how you'd fare in a gruesome battle against the brain-thirsty undead, head on down to Reading to find out if you're as bad-ass as you think your are, or as useless as a hot chick in a horror film in your very own zombie apocalypse. Watch the video.

Can't get enough zombie action? Find out how you can get a zombie makeover and earn some extra cash by scaring the bejesus out of those brave enough to take part in Zed Events' awesome Zombie Shopping Mall Experience. Warning: you will be shot with BB pellets. When you're done, why not check out our 10 of the best zombie movies ever – and if you ever find yourself staring directly in the face of a brain-munching zombie apocalypse, we can tell you exactly how to survive and avoid a gruesome death. Of course, you'll be needing gadgets. Our top 5 post-apocalyptic gadgets will sort you right out.

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