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New Apple TV remote tipped to have Wii-like motion control capabilities

Will Apple's new set-top box act even more like a game console than expected?

We’ve heard a heap about Apple’s purported new Apple TV revision, which is expected to be announced on 9 September alongside the iPhone 6s, but here’s a new detail: the remote might be even more capable than we expected.

Previous reports claimed that the remote would implement a touchpad for more advanced interactions, particularly with apps and games being added to TV-ready App Store on the new, iOS 9-powered box. But TechCrunch suggests that there’s another piece of the puzzle: advanced motion controls.

The site’s latest report on the Apple TV claims that the microphone-equipped remote will also have “several axis’ worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote.” It’s unclear whether the writer means the standard Wii Remote or the enhanced, MotionPlus-enabled one – but in any case, it’s probably more robust than what your iPhone already has.

Capable motion controls would open up the Apple TV to more complex play experiences than those primarily focussed on touch commands. True, the Wii might be looked down upon by hardcore gamers, but that level of control would be a step up from simpler phone and tablet games. And the new Apple TV will surely be cheaper than an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The report also affirms that the Apple TV’s new interface will have "much better effects and navigational improvements," powered by the dual-core version of the iPhone 6’s A8 system-on-a-chip. Siri support is also expected, along with larger internal storage and a revised design to the box itself. And might we suggest a wrist strap for the remote, given the purported motion controls?

We’ll be glad when all the rumours subside and we can actually see the real thing – luckily, it sounds like that’s less than two weeks away.

[Source: TechCrunch]

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