Modern Polaxis is an eye-popping Augmented Reality comic

Read this graphic novel through your iPad’s camera and watch its pages come to life
Modern Polaxis is an eye-popping Augmented Reality comic

Australian comic artist Sutu has created what could be the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) comic.

Modern Polaxis is the story of a paranoid time traveller – or rather his journal. The idea is that the character’s paranoia has led him to conceal a huge amount of information in an AR layer that is visible only via a second medium. In this case, it’s your iPhone or iPad.

Hold up your iPad or iPhone to the book and its pages spring to life

Fire up the Polaxis app on your iOS device (sadly, there isn’t an Android version in the works at the moment), point it at the book and you’ll see these secrets come to life in seamless animations. It’s one of the most inventive uses of AR we’ve seen thus far.

Sutu and his co-creators are halfway through completing Modern Polaxis’ 40 pages, and are seeking some sweet Kickstarter money to help push it over the finish line. At present, the campaign has amassed well over half of the AU$9,000 (£4,900), and pledging AU$45 (£25) will get you a signed copy of the book come October 2014.

You can find out more about Modern Polaxis on its Kickstarter page, or on Sutu’s website.

[Via CNET]