Meet Wello, the ingenious health monitor disguised as an iPhone case

Keep an eye on your vitals with this sensor-packed smartphone jacket
Meet Wello, the ingenious health monitor disguised as a iPhone case

Well, well, Wello? So what is it?

Wello is an iPhone case – but one that hides a healthy secret. It’s actually a device capable of measuring a number of your key vitals: temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen and even lung functions.

Wello sensors
Wello app

How does it do that?

It packs a number of integrated sensors that measure the majority of the functions to “medical grade” accuracy; these work when you hold the case in a certain way (see the image above). Lung capacity and airflow, meanwhile, are measured using an attachment that you blow into. The attachment will cost extra, but at the moment Wello’s maker Azoi is offering it for free to anyone who pre-orders the case.

And this data, what do I do with it?

Well, it’s all fed to the Wello app, and you can use that to monitor and document your health. The idea is to watch for changes (whether good or bad) and patterns, and see how activity impacts your vitals. Azoi says Wello is also compatible with other health devices and pedometers (Fitbit is one example), allowing you to add even more data.

What iPhones does it work with?

Currently the case fits on the iPhone 4S, 5 and 5s, but the Bluetooth inside means it’ll actually work with Android phones too, as long as they have Bluetooth LE and KitKat on board. It just won’t fit onto the phone, obviously.

How do I get one?

It won’t be out until this summer, but you can pre-order it for £120 (or €145 if you’re in the EU). Take a look at the Azoi site for details on how to do that.