iTunes about to go completely DRM–free?

Despite Steve Jobs professing his undying love of DRM–free music, the big record labels have been holding out on playing their wares minus copy

However, it looks like iTunes is about to have a pre–Christmas push, adding Sony, Warner and Universal tracks to iTunes Plus. The other biggie, EMI, is already offering up its back catalogue without DRM.

The news comes courtesy of Apple Insider, who've unearthed plans from a French site for Apple to give their store a big push in the run up to Christmas. It would certainly make sense now both 7Digital and Amazon MP3 are offering completely DRM–free catalogues.

If the report's true, then word is we could even be seeing an official announcement coming straight outta Cupertino later today. Let's hope it's not another false dawn. Stay right here for any developments as they happen.