Gift Guide – big kids

Unleash your inner child this Christmas with this selection of hand-picked gadgets and gear

Darth Vader Lego alarm clock


This Lego-inspired Darth Vader alarm clock is a sure-fire way to let the hate flow through you each and every morning as you crawl out the dark side of the bed. Force choke practice and toothbrush lightsaber manoeuvres are optional.

Max Force Shadow Hawk 100


The soft wet pellets fired from the barrel of this imposing beast produce a satisfying splat on any unfortunate targets that get in your way. Its impressive 100ft range should ensure that your nosey next-door neighbour will get their comeuppance.

Dark Knight replica Batarang


Become the hero your office deserves (but not the one it needs) by dealing out swishy-caped justice with this replica Batarang. Use sparingly, though – only Bruce Wayne has enough cash to throw these around willy nilly.

Air Swimmers shark


Scaring your galeophobic friends (that's shark-fearing, fact fans) will become a whole lot easier thanks to this unnecessarily awesome contraption which lets you command a remote-controlled floating predator of death. No propellers or fans means that children and ornaments are safe from your dodgy manoeuvering skills, too.

Arctic Force snowball blaster


If your defeat in last year’s snowball battle has shattered your confidence then fear not – this snowball blaster is capable of launching powdery white spheres up to 100ft, so you can show those pesky kids how a real man goes to war.

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