Game-focussed Nvidia Shield Tablet on the way?

Certification appears to confirm that the next Shield device will be a mid-sized Android gaming tablet
Nvidia Shield Tablet on the way?

Is the next Nvidia Shield device a tablet rather than a traditional handheld console? It certainly appears that way.

A new entry from the Global Certification Forume (the organisation that handles certification for 3GPP, the standards body for 3G devices) lists a 4G LTE device called “SHIELD Tablet” with Nvidia as the manufacturer. That ties in nicely with last year’s brief sighting of a device called “Nvidia Mocha” – a tablet with a 7.9in 2048 x 1536 screen and Tegra K1 processor.

A duo device?

Nvidia already has an Android tablet in the form of the Tegra Note, but a Shield-branded slate would likely be pitched more towards dedicated gamers. Now, we know what you’re thinking: why buy a tablet for gaming when the regular Nvidia Shield plays Android games and comes with a proper hardware controller? A touchscreen isn’t the most agile or natural way to control games. Well, there’s some speculation that the Nvidia Shield Tablet will come with an add-on gamepad that locks or docks with the slate and provides that precision control.

Rumour has it Nvidia may unveil the Shield Tablet later in July, so we may have a clearer idea about how this device will shape up in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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