Galaxy S7 Edge cases give the best look yet at Samsung's new phones

Not a massive departure from the S6, if these renders are real

We're still about a month away from Samsung saying anything official, but we might have just got an early sneak peek at the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Online smartphone superstore Mobile Fun is now listing cases and covers for both phones, complete with images of the handsets themselves.

Case company Rearth is the one that seems to have jumped the gun, releasing images of their Ringke Fusion case for the S7 Edge and S7 PlusThere's a listing for a version made for the standard Galaxy S7, too, but there weren't any images attached.

If the renders are real, it's an eye-opener on what to expect from Samsung's latest phones. The design barely looks to have changed, looking surprisingly similar to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge+.

That should mean an all-metal build, volume buttons on the left, power on the right and a single central camera on the back. It looks like a standard USB port on the bottom rather than USB-C, and there's no sign of an SD card slot either.

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With only black and white models on show, there's no clue as to whether Samsung's got extra hues in the works like it did for the 2015 range.

Interestingly, the S7 Plus render appears to have a sreen with curved edges - that suggests Samsung has simplified the names this year, rather than stick with the ridiculously awkward SX Edge+ it chose twelve months ago.

Of course, these could simply be placeholder images that give absolutely no insight into the new phones whatsoever. 

If true, though, Rearth might have given the game away for more than Samsung’s new phones. There aren’t any pictures yet, but there are already MobileFun product listings for iPhone 6C casesThat flies in the face of previous rumours that suggested the new 4in iPhone would be the called the iPhone 5SE.

With the Galaxy S7 on track for a reveal at Mobile World Congress in February, and March rumoured for Apple’s next phone event, there’s not long to wait to see if either rumour rings true.