Fully Charged: Nexus 7 release date, glorious 3D-printed lampshade and every Mega Drive game in your browser

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Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 gets UK launch date

Read our review of Google’s 2013 Nexus 7 and can’t wait to drop some cash on the 7in tablet? Well, now you’ve got a date to crayon into your diary: 28th August. Asus, manufacturer of the Nexus 7, has confirmed the tablet’s launch date and pricing: £200 for the 16GB version and £240 for the 32GB version. The 32GB 4G-equipped edition is yet to be confirmed for the UK, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for more on that. [Source: SlashGear]

SSega puts every Mega Drive game in your browser


We’re not entirely sure about the legalities of SSega, but one thing we are certain of is that it’s extremely awesome. This site features, as far as we can tell, every Mega Drive (or Genesis for our friends across the pond) game, playable in your web browser (you’ll need Flash installed). We tried out a few, including Altered Beast, and found that they all worked pretty well, although using a keyboard rather than a gamepad made controlling everything a little tricky. Still, well worth a visit, if only for a trip down Memory Lane via Nostalgia Avenue. [Source: SSega]

Vevo “plotting Apple TV app”

Vevo logo

Vevo, the service that enjoys a seemingly vice-like grip on online music videos, is reportedly readying an app to bring its vast catalogue to Apple TVs. Ad Age claims that the app will work more as a traditional “sit back and watch” channel than an interactive service, suggesting viewers will have to put up with whatever content Vevo decides to throw at them. That doesn’t seem particularly forward-thinking in this age of Netflix and “cord-cutting” – but we imagine Apple TV users looking for specific videos will simply turn to the YouTube app anyway. [Source: AdAge via Pocket-lint]

This 3D-printed lampshade puts a skyline on your ceiling

This 3D-printed lampshade puts a skyline on your ceiling

3D printing has started to creep into strange – but also mundane – areas of our lives. Like lampshades, for instance. David Graas’ “Huddle” is a 3D-printed shade that depicts a bulging cityscape. It mounts directly onto an (included) LED bulb that lasts for around 20 years and can be bought for either €275 (floor version, which comes with a stand) or €185 (pendant version). Sadly, you can’t yet download the data file and print the shade out for yourself, but you can tell the designers where you’d like it printed and collect it from there. Well, that’s one way to cut down on shipping costs. [Source: PSFK]