F100fd: Fujifilm's 'ultimate' camera

Sony, Canon, Samsung, Pentax... it's been a long day of camera launches, but have we saved the best 'til last?Fujifilm thinks so: it's dubbed the F100

Sony, Canon, Samsung, Pentax... it's been a long day of camera launches, but have we saved the best 'til last?

Fujifilm thinks so: it's dubbed the F100fd (pictured) the 'ultimate F-Series' snapper. Why? Because it contains a heady mix of 12 megapixels, a wide-angle lens with a 5x zoom, face detection and optical image stabilisation.

Face detection has been boosted to include automatic red-eye removal, with both original and corrected versions saved on the card. For those who like to take control, there are also options for switching from auto to aperture or shutter priority.

Intriguingly, Fujifilm's promising a far wider dynamic range, close to that found on its high-end S5 Pro DSLR. That should help produce better exposed pictures when there are dark and light areas in view (say, a picture of someone against a bright sky).

Also announced today is a new flagship model, the S100FS, with 11.1mp, a swing-out-and-tilt LCD, optical image stabilisation and manually adjustable 14.3x zoom lens. It too gets red-eye removal, face detection and some aspects of the F100fd's dynamic range treatment.

For an even bigger zoom there's the whopping 18x optical, 10mp S8100fd – a bump up from the recent 8mp S8000fd. Slightly less grande but still on the chunky side is the 10mp S1000fd – the world's smallest 12x zoom camera. Sadly it lacks the S8100fd's optical image stabilisation that would have made it truly droolworthy.

Then there's the old fun-loving Z10fd, which now becomes the Z20fd with four new colours, red eye-removing face detection and a hike to 10mp.

Finally, a whole new line-up: the stylishly budget J-Series. It has two 8.2mp founding members just 19mm thick: the standard J10 and the enhanced J50 with 5x optical zoom.

Now, seriously, we don't want to see another new camera for at least 24 hours. No more. Do you hear us? No more! 

Fujifilm FinePix F100fd, S100FS, S8100fd, S1000fd, Z20fd, J10, J50

Price: £TBA

On sale: March (April for Z20fd)

Contact: Fujifilm